Development, Building & Planning

Council's Development & Regulation department is responsible for the approval of all new building work, demolitions, extensions and improvements - whether by a builder or the owner. Such work may also require Planning and/or Development approval. All approvals must be obtained before commencement of any work. Subsequently you may be required to have your site inspected during the building process, for enquiries or booking of an inspection you can contact the Building Inspector on (08) 8633 9720.


Information Sheets

Advice to Applicants Advice to Applicants (36 kb)
Information required for a Development Application Information required for a Development Application (39 kb)
Making a Development Application Making a Development Application (38 kb)
Dwelling Development in the Residential Zone Dwelling Development in the Residential Zone (168 kb)
Home Activities Home Activities (38 kb)
Making a Development Application Non Complying Development (58 kb)
Development%20Declaration%20Guide%20July%202007 Powerline Clearance Declaration Guide 2007 (107 kb)
Public Notification Public Notification (37 kb)


Application Forms