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Major Works and Projects

The proposed capital works program for 2017/18 is $20.3 million in total, of which $12.2 million is allocated for new assets and the remainder of $8.1 million for the renewal and upgrade of existing assets. 

Work will be continuing on the redevelopment of the Port Pirie Sporting Precinct project with an allocation of $15m in 2017/18. This project is supported with Australian and State Government grant funding and new loan borrowings.

Capital works proposed include the redevelopment of the Crystal Brook Library and Office to provide a more functional community centre to encourage broader use.  Further works will be undertaken at the Port Pirie and various rural Cemeteries and a number of Council and community buildings will be upgraded.

A total of $20.3 million will be spent on capital projects including:

Roads $2,561,000

Kerbing and footpaths $404,000

Parks and Recreation $285,000

Cemeteries $140,000

Stormwater drainage and Environment $235,000

Township entrance statements  $100,000

CWMS $80,000

Cultural precinct $22,000

Crystal Brook Library & Community Centre $245,000

Waste management education centre and site improvements $120,000

Port Pirie Office renovation $300,000

Equipment $717,000

Irrigation, barbeques and rubbish bins will be installed in various parks and the restoration of the Port Pirie WW1 Gates will be completed. There will also be resources committed to tree management, footpath improvements and other community amenities in the region.

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