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Online Safety

The Port Pirie Regional Library and the Crystal Brook Library are eSmart Libraries.

eSmart Libraries (a partnership between The Alannah and Madeline Foundation and the Telstra Foundation) is a world-leading cyber safety program designed to better equip local libraries with the skills needed for a smartsafe and responsible online community.

Being eSmart means knowing how to guard against security and privacy risks that may arise, being able to research, download and create content that is safe, and being able to manage reputation and relationship issues associated with being online.


CybersafetyForAdults   CybersafetyForChildren
CybersafetyForParents   CybersafetyForTeens


On this page you’ll find links to our recommended websites. These sites are excellent resources covering anything from tips to online safety to the dilemmas of cyberbullying and how to manage them.

Selecting one of the relevant pictures on this page will open a file (PDF) containing our recommendations.

If you seek any further information then please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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