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Parking Control

Parking rules exist to improve traffic flow and to ensure the safe and fair use of the roads within the City for the benefit of everyone. Many people park illegally because it is convenient, without stopping to think that they might be inconveniencing others or putting them in danger. If you park illegally, you risk being fined. Parking tickets are officially called Parking Expiation Notices. How they are enforced is regulated by State law and is the same for all Councils.

The Port Pirie Regional Council promotes a safe and happy community. By parking appropriately, you can help to ensure there is no danger to pedestrians and avoid traffic congestion.

State Legislation requires that Councils must be responsible for the enforcement of parking control. This enforcement is not due to the need to raise revenue, but rather to ensure the safety and convenience of pedestrians and motorists. Enforcement is necessary because unthinking and often irresponsible motorists do not always adhere to the rules, and therefore cause problems and difficulties for the community.

For a description of some of the parking regulations Read More ->

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