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Long Term Financial Plan

Council’s Long Term Financial Plan expresses in financial terms, the activities that Council proposes to undertake over the medium to longer term to achieve its stated objectives, and to progress towards and then maintain financial sustainability. It provides a solid basis from which the both the Annual Business Plan and Annual Budget are prepared.

More specifically, the ten-year Plan considers and presents proposed capital investment and operating outlays against anticipated revenues, and resulting financial implications to Council. The Plan is regularly reviewed to ensure that it reflects current circumstances and capacities of the Council.

The Long Term Financial Plan is guided by the Rating Strategy. Both of these were reviewed in 2017.

There was a period of public consultation so that Council can consider feedback and comments from the community prior to the formal adoption of the revised plan.

The Long Term Financial Plan 2017-27 and the Rating Strategy were adopted by Council on the 12 July 2017.

 Long Term Financial Plan 2017-27 (314 kb)

 2017-18 Rating Strategy (25 kb)

The Long Term Financial Plan 2017-27 Update was adopted by Council on the 28th of February, 2018

 Long Term Financial Plan 2017-27 Updated 2018 (338 kb)

Previous Financial Plans

 Long Term Financial Plan 2013-23 (1006 kb)

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