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Dog Registration

Registration Fees

The Port Pirie Regional Council has elected to set its standard fee for the 2013 to 2014 registration period at $60. The increase is in line with changes to the Dog and Cat Management Act which allows Council’s to set their own dog registration fees to fully fund the current animal management services

The standard fee can be reduced if you are eligible for concession and desexed dog discounts. The concessions include 10% concessions to dog owners that take the extra care to have their dogs trained and /or microchipped. 

New fees for the 2013/14 Financial year are as below:

Standard Fee
Desexed Dog
Microchipped Dog
Trained Dog
Microchipped & Trained Dog
Desexed & Trained Dog
Desexed & Microchipped Dog
Desexed, Microchipped & Trained Dog
Eligible benefit card holders receive a concession of 50% off the above fees
Working or SAGRCB Greyhound Dogs
Guide, Disability Dogs (Evidence Required)
**Please note that a late fee applies to any payment made after the final due date of 31 August 2013.
Keeping an unregistered dog is an offence under the Dog and Cat Management Act and fines apply for doing so.**



A concession fee is available to persons who are holders of current: 

  • Pensioner Health Benefit Cards (or Pensioner Concession Cards) issued by the Commonwealth Government of Australia
  • Persons who are holders of a current State Concession Card issued by the Department of Health and Community Services

And to: 

  • T.P.I. War Pensioners
  • British Commonwealth Service Pensioners in receipt of a pension form, and assessed as eligible by the Department of Veteran Affairs
  • War widows, war widowed mothers, unmarried mothers of deceased unmarried serviceman whose circumstances are such that if the pension they were receiving was payable under the Social Service Act they would be entitled to a Pensioner Health Benefit Card (or a Pensioner Concession Card)
  • Persons who at the time of registration are in receipt of Commonwealth unemployment or sickness benefits or State financial assistance

**Proof is required for fee concessions**


Desexed Dog and Microchipped Dog
Dogs will be considered as desexed or microchipped only upon presentation respectively of veterinary certificates or microchip registration certificates issued specifically in respect to the dogs being registered. They need only be presented once - the concession will be applied in every subsequent year.

Trained Dog
As a responsible dog owner, you will receive a concession rebate for a dog that has reached and passed South Australian Canine Association (SACA) Grade 3. The guidelines for SACA Grade 3 are set out below. The evidence required for 2011 / 12 will be a current year’s dog obedience club membership and a receipt for payment of club fees.

If you happen to be with a club not associated with SACA, you and your dog must have reached and passed a level that achieves a similar outcome to that of SACA Grade 3 outlined below.

Anyone having trained their dogs some time ago should contact their former club for a statement from them advising that you were a member of the club and the level that was reached during your time with the club.

SACA Grade 3 Level:

  • Heel on a short, loose lead of a higher standard than SACA Grade 2.
  • Dogs must drop on command without physical assistance.  This should be done on the move if possible, otherwise from a sitting position.
  • Stand stay - toes to toes.
  • Stand for examination in heel position.
  • Sit stay, handler at the end of a loose lead.  Longer distance and duration than Grade 2.
  • Recall using the command to "wait". 

Working Dog, SAGRCB Greyhound
Working dogs are primarily used for droving or tending stock. A concession fee applies where this can be demonstrated by documents such as tax records, copies of contract, etc. current in the previous 12 months. Greyhound concession fees only apply to dogs currently registered with the SA Greyhound Racing Control Board - current registration papers must be presented.

Guide, Hearing, Disability Dogs
The Guide Dog and Hearing Dog concessions will be applied after presentation of documentation supporting completed training with the Guide Dog Association of SA or Lions Hearing Dogs. The disability dog concession is only available upon presentation of 2 medical certificates, one from a specialist and any further information required by the Dog and Cat Management Board. The relevant documentation needs only be presented once - the concession will be applied in every subsequent year.

If you obtain a dog older than three months of age, then you have 14 days in which to register the dog. It doesn't matter at what time of year your first registration is done.


Services and Benefits of Dog Registration

All income generated from registration and expiations is dedicated to animal management and public safety, new initiatives to improve relationships between owners and other residents, and recreational opportunities for pets and their owners. Services and benefits paid for by fees include:

  • Identification of stray dogs and their return to their owners - numbered registration discs make either immediate return to owners or notification of the dog’s whereabouts possible.
  • Pound services - if owners of straying dogs cannot be immediately contacted, Council provides a clean facility for pets with food, water and protection from the elements and other dangers. This facility also provides an opportunity for unregistered dogs to be located by their owners. Unwanted dogs are sent to an animal shelter, providing every chance for them to be re-homed.
  • Controlling and reducing unwanted dog behaviours - this immediately serves to reduce the incidence of wandering dogs. Council’s professional officers also investigate and resolve complaints of barking and nuisance behaviours, most often cooperatively through guidance to owners. Similarly, these officers control the number of dogs on each property, the use of guard dogs, containment of dangerous dogs and leashing control of dogs in public places. They also investigate and prosecute incidents of dog attack.
  • Services from the Dog and Cat Management Board - twenty per cent of all fees collected are contributed to the Board, which provides invaluable central services, including an enquiry service on all matters relating to responsible pet ownership, extensive information publication and wide media promotion.
  • Dog attacks more than halved   - in 2001, Salisbury Council was the first in South Australia to make leashing of dogs mandatory in all open spaces, parks, roads and footpaths to reduce the incidence of dog attacks in the City. In its first full year of operation, reported dog attacks were reduced by more than half. In 2003/04, a further 10% reduction was achieved.
  • Developing new resources for dogs and owners   - dog friendly parks that allow for unleashed dog exercise have proven very popular and are very attractive resources. In 2009 / 10, the existing five parks will be complemented by four new parks in the general areas of Salisbury Heights, Salisbury North, Mawson Lakes and Pooraka.


Closing Date for Payment of Registration Fees

Please note that all dogs must be registered by the time that they reach three months of age and then must be re-registered each financial year.  Payments should be made between 1 July and 31 August each year (with a final date to pay of 31 August).

If you obtain a dog older than three months of age, then you have 14 days in which to register the dog. It doesn't matter at what time of year your first registration is done.

If the dog is not registered in either of these cases then a variable penalty of between $80 up to a maximum of $210 can be imposed. In addition to this you will also need to pay the registration fee.


Payment Options

In Person

Please note: if you are applying for a concession, please remember to bring with you the appropriate documentation (see information above under Registration Fees).

Registrations can be paid in person at the following locations:

Port Pirie Regional Council Administration Centre
115 Ellen Street
Port Pirie
Port Pirie Regional Council Rural Office
Bowman Street
Crystal Brook

Payment may be made by cash, cheque, money order, EFTPOS, Visa, Bankcard or Mastercard.

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