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City Entrances

Entrance statements for urban centres in the Port Pirie Regional Council have been the subject of consultation and planning for a number of years.

Taking advantage of proposals to update priorities and strategies for the re-branding of Port Pirie and its region, in 2015 Council established a Section 41 Committee to provide options for Council determinations on this issue.

Broadly, the Entrances Committee seeks to:

  • Clear the three entrances to the city of old signage and other outdated advertising billboards;
  • Tidy up entrances by clearing natural vegetation at ground level and the lower canopy of trees to reveal the scenic vistas beyond;
  • Update the two Augusta Highway Information Bays;
  • Update welcome signage on both the Augusta Highway and other local entrances.

To support the work of the Entrances Committee, Council allocated $300,000 in its 2015/16 budget and a further $200,000 in its 2016/17 budget for Entrance Statements and associated projects.

A deliberate focus has been placed on expenditure control and in line with Council’s philosophies of:

  • An initial focus on Port Pirie followed by other urban centres in our region in follow-up programs;
  • All proposals will be developed with a view to compatibility with other Council urban centres;
  • Expenditure and design for other Council urban centres will be included in the 2016/17 budget planning process.

Augusta Highway Signs

The Committee’s intention with these signs has been to increase Augusta Highway traffic awareness of Port Pirie as they approach both the Warnertown Road and Tin Man entrances to the city. It was envisaged that two signs be constructed and located near the entrances to Port Pirie which includes a tagline and a visual representation of what Port Pirie has to offer.

These solar powered 3D laser cut signs have been developed, designed, constructed and installed using local suppliers and businesses to create an impressive effect leading into Port Pirie. The Augusta Highway sign from the Warnertown approach has required some vegetation clearance to provide a clear view of the sign from the road.

Ground Clearance

The Committee’s intention is to tidy up the ground level underbrush and lift the tree canopy surrounding the entrances on Warnertown and Three Chain Road. This work will present arriving visitors and local residents with a far neater and visually improved entrance into Port Pirie.

Tourist Information Bays

Tourist Information Bays at Warnertown and near the Tin Man are in immediate need of refurbishment and currently provide a poor reflection of Port Pirie and the surrounding region. The allocation of funds for the two Information Bays is to repair and improve the physical structures and surrounding areas in support of updated information standards. The refurbishment of the Warnertown Information Bay has now been completed with a new roof, exciting new information panels and ground clearance works providing a much neater appearance. The Tinman Information Bay will also be refurbished in a similar manner shortly.

Event and Attraction Signage

The Warnertown and Port Germein entrance roads to Port Pirie will be decorated with 5 signs on each road, one of which will be used to announce upcoming events in our City. The remainder will portray available attractions in Port Pirie with the reverse side thanking visitors and promoting regional attractions with the slogan ‘Why not stay a little longer?’

Fact Sheet - Entrances Improvements