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Marine Facility Improvements

Council has recently completed the first stage of upgrading the boat launching facilities at Solomontown in Port Pirie.  Subsequent works to be undertaken include:

  • Dredging of the riverbed adjacent to the boat ramp;
  • Reclamation of land to enhance the foreshore adjacent to the boat ramp;
  • Construction of a fourth lane to the boat ramp;
  • Upgrade of short-term boat mooring facilities.

The main aims of the project are to achieve:

  • Improved boat launching facilities for both recreational and commercial fishers;
  • Enhancement of the foreshore for land based recreation;
  • Improved access for launching for the Royal Port Pirie Yacht Club and Port Pirie Rowing Club;
  • Increased capacity for boat launching.

Dredging and construction of sea wall

The area identified for dredging from the end of the launching ramp to the northern end of Fisherman’s jetty. The estimated volume of material to be dredged within this area is 6,500m3 which would provide a water depth of 1.5 metres at zero tidal datum. This will ensure larger vessels such as the SES and commercial fishing boats will have sufficient depth of water to launch even at low tide.

Construction of a rock wall will be required to provide for placement and storage of the dredged material between the existing boat ramp and the John Pirie Bridge. Once the dredged material has been placed in this area with adequate capping the final height is intended to be 3.0 metres AHD. This is slightly below the walkway on the north side of the boat ramp car park area. The reclaimed area will be landscaped with a new picnic shelter and furniture to be installed.

An alternative proposal was submitted to the EPA who have agreed in principle with the revised dredging method. The preferred option before the EPA is a dredging using a grab dredge which keeps the solids and water separate which eliminates the requirement to deal with any water. However, there will be a requirement to erect a silt curtain to contain the site during dredging will prevent the use of the boat ramp during this time.  This dredging method is slower and will take about 4 - 6 weeks.

Additional lane to boat ramp

There is an opportunity to increase the boat launching capacity by constructing a fourth lane to the east of the new pontoons.  This has required minor adjustment of the car park and relocation of a monument to allow for the construction of a new concrete ramp. The centre lane of the existing boat ramp has also been widened by moving the floating pontoons to the east by approximately 1.5m.

Upgrade of short-term boat mooring facility

The existing gangway and floating pontoon will be removed and replaced with new compliant facilities including gangway, floating pontoon and piles. This upgrade will provide public access to short-term boat mooring facility adjacent to the Royal Port Pirie Yacht Club.

Fact Sheet - Foreshore Upgrade inc. Dredging(228 kb)