Roads & Footpaths

Road Maintenance

Potholes and other road maintenance issues should be reported to Council’s Infrastructure department on 08 86 339666.

Footpath Maintenance

Crusher dust delivery is undertaken when sufficient requests are received to enable bulk dispatch.

Council will supply crusher dust for footpaths only (not for within private property). Crusher dust will be delivered within approximately 6-8 weeks. If ratepayers can spread themselves, the timeframe for delivery may be less. 

Note: all requests will be assessed first and only carried out if deemed necessary. 

Note: ***crusher dust may not be available for rural or rural living properties *** 

2016 Road Reseal Program
Road Name Road Section Location 
Allan Street Sinclair Street to End Crystal Brook
Binney Road Stanley Street to Frith Road Crystal Brook
Bowman Street  Eyre Road to Mitchell Street Crystal Brook
Colton Street Frith Road to Musgrave Street Crystal Brook
Darbon Terrace O'Shaughnessey Road to Gadd Avenue Crystal Brook
Ewbank Street Barr Street to End of seal Crystal Brook
Eyre Road Edmund Terrace to Claridge Road Crystal Brook
Eyre Road Extension Claridge Rd to Weston Road Crystal Brook
Ferguson Street Eyre Road to Mais Terrace Crystal Brook
Frith Road Binney Road to Darbon Terrace Crystal Brook
Giles Street Gilbert Street to Gadd Avenue Crystal Brook
Jennings Street Darbon Terrace to Allan Street Crystal Brook
Murray Street Forgan Street to Gilbert Street Crystal Brook
Railway Terrace  Cunningham Street to Edmund Terrace Crystal Brook
William Street Narrow part of road to end of road Crystal Brook
Cemetery - Crystal Brook Internal Roads Crystal Brook
First Street  Fifth Street to Sixth Street Koolunga
Fifth Street  Third Street to First Street Koolunga
Second Street  Seventh Street to Sixth Street Koolunga
Third Street  Fifth Street to Seventh Street Koolunga
Valley Road Harry's Road to end of seal 100m East Koolunga
Fifth Street  North Terrace to Third Street Napperby
First Street  Sixth Street to Bain Avenue Napperby
Fourth Street North Terrace to Third Street Napperby
Gulf View Road Scenic Drive to 0.6km East Napperby
Napperby Hall Road Gulf View Road to End of road Napperby
North Terrace  Scenic Drive to Fifth Street Napperby
North Terrace  Seventh Street to Scenic Drive Napperby
Seventh Street  North Terrace to Third Street Napperby
Third Street  Sixth Street to West Terrace (Shoulder only) Napperby
Scenic Drive Church Road to 300m North of Locks Road Napperby
Senate Road Sifton Street to Frederick Road Port Pirie
Hill Street Warnertown Road to end of Hill Street Port Pirie
Poynton Street Federation Road to Frederick Road Port Pirie
Hughes Street Parham Street to The Terrace Port Pirie
Kitchener Terrace Anzac Road to Lamm Street Port Pirie
Joffre Street Anzac Road to Young Street Port Pirie
Young Street  Kitchener Tce to Esmond Road Port Pirie
Scarman Street Lamm Street to Stanley Avenue Port Pirie
Grey Terrace Service Road Cross Over to Wandearah Road End Port Pirie
Wilcher Street Duffield Street to Frederick Road Port Pirie
Three Chain Road (Service Road W) Balmoral Road to Yates Street Port Pirie
Duke Street York Road to End of Road Port Pirie
Stanley Avenue Scarman Street to Esmond Road Port Pirie
Parks Street Prince Street to Albert Street Port Pirie
Esmond Road Stanley Avenue to end of seal at Henry Street Port Pirie
Sayner Court Moppett Road (cul-de-sac) Port Pirie
Frederick Road Senate Road to end of seal at Wilcher Street Port Pirie
Barr Street  South Terrace to Bridge Redhill
Bowman Street  River Terrace to St. Martins Road Redhill
Ellis Street  River Terrace to Bowman Street Redhill
Main Road Bridge At Redhill to Water Point Road No. 3 Redhill
South Terrace  Bowman Street to Barr Street Redhill
Waits Road Sandy Terrace to 1340m North of Sandy Terrace Port Pirie
Flinders Rest Pub Road Gervace Street to Quarry Road - Warnertown Warnertown
Heritage Road Abattiors Road to End of Seal Warnertown
Wandearah Road O'Shaughnessy Bridge to 0.7km West of O'Shaughnessy Bridge Wandearah
Wandearah Road 6.1km West of Spencer Highway to 7.1km West of Spencer Highway Wandearah
Harris Road Afford Road to Magor Road Port Pirie
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