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CWMS Systems

A CWMS is a system designed to collect, treat, re-use and/or dispose of primary treated effluent from septic tanks on individual properties.

The collection system is a network of pipes and pumping stations which transport the effluent from the septic tanks to the treatment site.

The Council operates CWMS in Crystal Brook and Napperby.

The Crystal Brook CMWS uses facultative (oxidation) lagoons where effluent is stored and treated by aerobic action. Reclaimed water from this system is used to irrigate a tree lot and adjacent agricultural land.

The Napperby CWMS uses mechanical aeration in a series of aerated tanks treat the effluent. Reclaimed water from this system is used to irrigate public parklands in Napperby.

Septic Tank Pump Out Schedule – Crystal Brook (Opens in a new window)

Septic Tank Pump Out Schedule - Napperby (Opens in a new window)

 CWMS Customer Service Charter Policy (92 kb)

Pricing Schedule and Pricing Policy Statements:

 CWMS Price Schedule Policy 18-19 (25 kb)

 CWMS Price Schedule Policy 17-18(25 kb)

 CWMS Price Schedule Policy 16-17(25 kb)

 CWMS Price Schedule Policy 15-16(10 kb)

 CWMS Price Schedule Policy 14-15(14 kb)

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