Port Pirie Cemetery Vandalism Concerns

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4th December 2019

For many people, the Port Pirie Cemetery is a special place they can visit their departed family members and friends and reflect on their memories.

Unfortunately, there has been some recent antisocial behaviour and vandalism occurring, particularly at night. This includes damage to graves, removal of flowers and items left by family as well as graves being urinated on.

In response to community concerns, Council will introduce additional measures to try to kerb this type of behaviour. These measures will include implementing surveillance cameras to act as a deterrent and a request has been made to SA Police for a more visible presence to ensure the area is being used appropriately.

“I am extremely disappointed that some people do not have any respect for the Cemetery which, for many is a special place. These heartless vandals have left families distraught by the ordeal,” said Mayor Leon Stephens.

Mayor Stephens asks the public to report any unusual behaviour or vandalism in and around the Port Pirie Cemetery to the police and not to try to resolve the problem themselves.