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Cat Management

Cat Management

Responsible Cat Ownership

Owning a cat can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience for the whole family. Cats are excellent companion animals, being affectionate, intelligent, clean and easy to handle. Cats can live for 16 years or longer and a commitment to responsible cat ownership can be of benefit not only to you and your cat, but also to the community.

Owning a cat brings with it many responsibilities. Not only will you have to feed and care for the cat, but prevent it from producing unwanted kittens and from annoying neighbours. By being a responsible cat owner you are providing your cat with the best opportunity for a long, healthy and happy life.

The Dog and Cat Management Board has launched a campaign and web site to address homeless cats. http://goodcatsa.com/stray-cats

Homeless cats are usually domestic cats who are lost or abandoned. Many are frequently or infrequently fed by well intentioned animal lovers but unfortunately this behaviour simply extends a lifestyle of danger, disease, discomfort and illness.

This website seeks to provide some helpful facts and figures and suggestions about what we can all do to reduce the number of homeless cats in our State.

The site also encourages you to join the discussion, provide your views and see what other like minded cat lovers are saying on our forum.

To find out how to be a responsible cat owner or to find out what you can do if you are experiencing a nuisance cat Read More ->