Model Behavioural Management Policy Complaints

Model Behavioural Management Policy for Councils

The provisions relevant to the Behavioural Management Framework commenced immediately following the 2022 council periodic elections. The Behavioural Standards for Council Members will formally come into operation with the new council member conduct management framework, proposed to commence in November 2022 to coincide with a new term of councils. The Behaviour Standards will replace Part 2 of the current Code of Conduct for Council Members

The Behavioural Standards set out the minumum standards for behaviour that are expected of all council members in the performance of their official functions and duties. The Behavioural Standards are mandatory rules, with which  council members must comply. Adherence to the Behavioural Standards is essential to upholding the principles of good governance in councils. No. 79 - Thursday, 17 November 2022 (pp. 6637–6680) (

All councils must adopt a Behavioural Management Policy relating to the management of behaviour of council members, including the process for receipt and management of a complaint received regarding the conduct of a council member.

The LGA’s (Local Government Associations) Model Behavioural Management Policy applies to all South Australian councils until each council adopts their own within 12 months of the November 2022 election.

To support this requirement, new Local Government (Transitional Provisions) (Conduct) Amendment Regulations 2022 deem the LGA’s Model Behavioural Management Policy as each council’s Behavioural Management Policy until each council subsequently adopts its own policy.

A copy of the Local Government Association “Behavioural Management Policy” can be accessed via the LGA’s web page:

To assist in the administration, receipt, and management of a complaint under this Policy all complaints can be submitted, marked “Confidential - Behavioural Management Policy” to the attention of “The Behavioural Management Contact Officer” via

or alternatively, in person secured in an enclosed envelope marked “Confidential – Behavioural Management Policy” to the attention of “The Behavioural Management Contact Officer” Port Pirie Regional Council, 115 Ellen Street Port Pirie SA 5540.

The Behavioural Management Contact Officer is the Chief Executive Officer.