Roads, Footpaths, Kerbs & Crossovers

Road Maintenance

Potholes and other road maintenance issues should be reported to Council’s Infrastructure Department for attention.  .

Footpath Maintenance (including driveways)

All footpath maintenance issues should be reported to Council’s Infrastructure Department for attention.

Council will supply crusher dust for footpaths only (not for within private property). Crusher dust will be delivered within approximately 6-8 weeks. If ratepayers can spread themselves, the timeframe for delivery may be less.

If maintenance is required to the footpath section of the existing dirt/crusher driveway (from property boundary to kerb), all requests will be forwarded to Council’s Infrastructure Department for attention.

If the driveway is sealed (concreted, paved etc) it is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain/repair. Installation, removal or maintenance of a grassed footpath is also the responsibility of the property owner.

Note: All requests will be assessed first and only carried out if deemed necessary. Crusher dust is only available where a formed footpath exists, therefore it may not be available for rural or rural living properties.  Council does not provide blue metal or any other materials.


All kerb alteration request or maintenance issues should be reported to Council’s Infrastructure Department for attention.

Only Council or its delegate can perform kerb works unless Council permission has been obtained.  If the kerb requires cutting to allow stormwater pipes, you will need to advise Council of this when you lodge a Dial Before You Dig request and subsequently obtain a Council permit to carry out excavation works across the footpath.


A crossover (vehicle access point) is the location that allows vehicles to enter a property from the road without kerb obstruction.  The crossover is the smooth section of concrete between the road and start of footpath that replaces the kerb and they can only be constructed in built up areas of Port Pirie Regional Council where concrete kerbing exists.  Where there is high back kerb present, Council will provide 1 standard crossover per rateable property at no charge.  All other crossovers (additional, extension to existing or where rollover kerb is present) are at the cost of the property owner.  Council can perform this work at a cost or the owner can engage their own contractor.  An application form is required for all crossover work.  Please complete the crossover application form and submit to Council for assessment and approval.  (Please note:  Rollover kerb is deemed an adequate vehicle crossing point, so any crossovers in rollover kerb will be at the cost of the applicant).

Important Information

Persuant to Section 221 of the Local Government Act 1999, any alterations made in, on, across, under or over a road or footpath requires Council approval. This means ALL excavation work on Council roads or footpaths requires a permit.

All permit applications need to be lodged online, for further information on how to obtain a permit, please refer to below:

Information Sheet Presentation (PowerPoint Presentation)

Council's Infrastructure Department (08) 8633 9666