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Burning and Fire Permits

When do I need a permit?

During the Fire Danger Season (1st of November to 30th of April inclusive) burning can only be undertaken under strict conditions as set out by the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005 and in many instances require  a schedule 9 or 10 permit is required to light a fire in the open, including any broad acre burning. To see what you can/cant do please follow this link to the CFS web site.

Outside the Fire Danger season (1st May to 31st October), burning in the open, both inside and outside townships, is only permitted under certain conditions.

Where can I get a permit?

A permit can only be obtained from Council by contacting the council's Fire Prevention Officer on 8633 9777.

The conditions under which the permit is issued must be complied with, and any relevant Code of Practice set out by the Country Fire Service adhered to.

Backyard Burning and Keeping Warm in Winter

Smoke and burning in the open is an issue of concern to the community and its impact on air quality and amenity are well recognized.

The Environment Protection (Clean Air) Policy 2016 outlines the conditions and controls that are imposed on burning in the open. In accordance with this policy the Port Pirie Regional Council has issued a general notice for planned burns inside township areas. The general notice and maps detailing the township boundaries for the purpose of the Clean Air Policy 2016 are available here:

Clean Air Policy Generic Burning Permit

Crystal Brook Township Boundary

Koolunga Township Boundary

Napperby Township Boundary

Port Pirie Township Boundary

Redhill Township Boundary

For further information about when and what you can burn please refer to the information sheet Backyard Burning and Keeping Warm in Winter. Or contact council on 86339777.