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Onsite Wastewater Systems

About On-Site Wastewater Systems

On-site wastewater systems are predominately installed in areas that are not serviced by SA Water sewer systems and treat all waste waters (both grey and black) produced by a household.

Grey water refers to water from showers, baths, washing machines, laundries and hand basins. Grey water can be re-used with minimal treatment, and systems can be installed with the appropriate permissions and approvals.

Black water refers to water containing human wastes; such water requires further treatment before re-use. There are various systems available to achieve this.

All systems for black and grey water treatment that have been approved for use in South Australia are shown in the ‘Approved Products” List below.

The installation of ANY On-site Wastewater System must be undertaken by appropriately certified trades specialists.

Before installing an On-site Wastewater System, an application, complete with an Environmental Engineers Report and applicable fees, must be made to the Council for approval.

On-Site Wastewater Systems Code

Approved Products List

Application & Approval Process

An APPLICATION for an On-Site Wastewater Works Approval form must be completed and must include the following details;

  • Environmental Engineers Report
    • Building layout plans – including location and sizes of underfloor plumbing (2x)
    • Site plans (2x)

Maintenance of Septic Tank Systems

Maintenance of Aerobic Wastewater Systems