COVID-19 Coronavirus Public Information


Port Pirie Regional Council is mindful of community concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID 19) and the impact it is having on our local community.

We find ourselves in an unprecedented environment and would like to assure that the wellbeing of the community is our first priority and that we will continue to monitor and adapt to the rapidly developing and changing situation around the Coronavirus (COVID 19).

Because of the rapidly changing situation we are focussing our primary communication through our website and Facebook page. We will continue to use radio, television and newspapers to communicate information however using our website and Facebook is a quicker way to get information out.

Please share our website and Facebook information with your family and friends.

With the current advice we have available we are not proposing to change our service levels at this time however we are monitoring this on a daily basis and may decide to take action such as closing our library and limiting some Council services if the spread continues and/or as directed by State and Federal Governments.

Council has a Business Continuity Plan which contemplates a pandemic situation and identifies key services required to be provided. This Plan is continually being reviewed as circumstances evolve and advice is received by the lead agencies, being the State and Federal Government.

Due to the declaration of a Public Health Emergency in South Australia and the Federal Government’s direction to cancel non-essential gatherings the following events have been cancelled -

  • Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery Exhibition, Robyn Stacey: Ray of Light – The exhibition launch scheduled for 21 March 2-4pm. Please note that the exhibition itself will still be open to the public as scheduled. (Cancelled in consultation with Country Arts SA and The Art Gallery of SA)
  • Port Pirie Riverbank Precinct Community Event scheduled for March 21.
  • Australian Cricketers Association (ACA) Masters Tour scheduled for 26 and 27 March.  (Cancelled by Cricket Australia)

The most up to date and trusted information and alerts regarding the Coronavirus should be sourced directly from the lead agencies dealing with the Coronavirus –

Mayor Stephens is in regular communication with our local Member of Parliament The Hon Geoff Brock regarding our preparation and plans for the Coronavirus.

If unsure about what to do at any time, call the Coronavirus Health Information Line for general questions on 1800 020 080.

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Update on Temporary Suspension of Some Council Services

Temporary Closure of Outdoor Play Areas    30 MARCH 2020
Following the Australian Government’s announcement yesterday, Council has temporarily closed all playgrounds and skate parks in our region until further notice.
These are being physically locked where possible and signage installed.
We thank you for your cooperation.

Update on Temporary Suspension of Some Council Services  26 MARCH 2020
Following the Australian Government’s announcement on Tuesday night in response to the public health concerns around COVID-19, the following Port Pirie Regional Council services will be suspended until further notice (effective as of COB yesterday, Wednesday 25 March):
*Port Pirie Library
*Crystal Brook Library
*Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery
*Crystal Brook Swimming Pool
*Port Pirie Visitor Information Centre – consistent with the Federal Government direction around suspension of Local Government non-essential services. Please note, Stateliner Bus Service remains in operation and is still accessible to the public via a separate entrance.
It is also likely that as part of our strategies for continued service delivery, Council staff will be working from different locations in order to comply with social distancing protocols. Further details will be made available as these actions are implemented.
Council will continue to monitor and adapt to this rapidly changing situation and will endeavour to keep you updated.
The safety and wellbeing of the community and our staff are our first priority and we thank you for your support and understanding.

Temporary Suspension of Some Council Services    24 MARCH 2020
Under the direction of the Australian Government in response to the public health concerns around COVID-19, the following Council services will be suspended until further notice:
*Port Pirie Aquatic & Leisure Centre (both indoor and outdoor facilities following confirmation that outdoor pools attached to indoor sporting venues are included in the Australian Government guidelines).
*Port Pirie Visitor Information Centre – Shark Cage Virtual Reality experience.
*Port Pirie Library – All children’s activities (includes Baby Bounce, Lego Club, Sunday Storytime and Gen Z).
*Crystal Brook Community Bus.
As our duty of care to vulnerable people, Council has also suspended the following services until further notice:
*Port Pirie Visitor Information Centre – Weekend and Public Holiday hours suspended.
*Pirie Rail Express Miniature Railway.
*Tech Savvy Seniors (Port Pirie Library).
Based on current Government guidelines, the Crystal Brook Swimming Pool will remain open as per normal operating procedures as it is a separate outdoor facility. Belgravia Leisure has implemented risk mitigation strategies for social distancing and personal hygiene. Please note that the Crystal Brook Pool season is due to conclude on Tuesday 31 March 2020.
We will continue to monitor and adapt to this rapidly changing situation and keep you updated.
The safety and wellbeing of the community is our first priority and we thank you for your support and understanding.

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Pollution. Air, Noise and Water

Dust Management

Dust control is an important public health issue throughout the Region. From building and construction to farming and recreational activities, airborne dust can cause:

  • Health Problems – eyes, ears, and respiratory.
  • Environmental Degradation – including air & water pollution.
  • Damage or dirty property and belongings.
  • Create unsafe working conditions.
  • Loss of valuable top-soil
  • Increase development cost – through loss of time to clean-up.
  • Potential to contaminate air with lead ( in Port Pirie)

TLAP Bus Shelters, Seats, Footpath Cleaning Schedule 2015(256 kb)

The benefits of controlling dust emissions include:

To Builders

  • Enhanced business reputation
  • Better working conditions for staff
  • Better relationships with clients & communities
  • Better relationships with regulatory authorities

To Owners

  • Reduced risk of property damage
  • Better relations with future neighbours
  • Positive contribution to environmental protection
  • Positive contribution to local amenity

To the Community

  • Less disruption to everyday living
  • Reduced health risks from air pollution
  • Reduced risk of damage to property & belongings
  • Less cleaning up

To the Environment

  • Reduction in air pollution
  • Reduction in water pollution
  • Reduced erosion
  • Reduced impact on natural flora &  fauna


  • Water Trucks
  • Chemical Dust Suppressants
  • Silt Fences
  • Shade cloth Fences
  • Organic Ground Covering Plants

If you have questions about dust management, or are the victim of dust emissions, contact the Environmental Health Officer on 8633 9720.

Wood Smoke

Wood smoke causes health problems, and creates an environmental nuisance for you and your neighbourhood.

Like cars, wood heaters produce air pollution. During winter, wood heaters can produce as much particle pollution as cars.

When wood is burned, small particles are released into the atmosphere as smoke. These particles contribute to the haze sometimes seen on still winter mornings in Adelaide.

Wood smoke contains many different chemicals, some of which are toxic to humans.

When these chemicals are inhaled they cause health problems in young children and the elderly, particularly those with respiratory (breathing) and cardiovascular (heart) illnesses.

Smoke is no joke! Take responsibility for your wood heater. Use it correctly to minimise the harmful effects of smoke pollution in your neighbourhood and save money on running costs.

For detailed information about wood smoke, and what can be done about it, visit the EPA Website.

Noise Complaints

Noise can affect most of us at some time. Noise may become annoying if it intrudes into people's awareness or is heard against their wishes. An introduced noise that disturbs a person's everyday life or working environment can be very annoying or harmful, affecting their wellbeing.

Legislation related to noise, noise controls and noise complaints is administered by the Environment Protection Authority.

Stormwater Pollution

Stormwater is rain that falls on roofs or collects on paved areas like driveways, roads, or footpaths.

This water is carried in a system of pipes that are separate from the sewerage system. The water is untreated and eventually ends up in creeks, rivers and other water catchments and finally in the ocean.

Stormwater pollution can kill plants and animals that live in the water. Such pollution can be divided into three categories:

  • Natural pollution including organic material such as leaves, grass clippings and sediment.
  • Chemical pollution including detergents, coolant, oil, grease, fertiliser and paint.
  • Litter including plastic bags and cigarette butts.

It is an offence under the Environment Protection (Water Quality) Policy to discharge any material into the stormwater system.

The EPA's stormwater management information brochures provide practical advice about how to avoid pollution of stormwater specific to different business activities and around the home.