Port Pirie Regional Council is mindful of community concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID 19) and the impact it is having on our local community.

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Council Rates

** Important Notice - Timing of Rates 2020/21 **

Port Pirie Regional Council has delayed the adoption of its 2020/21-2022/23 Business Plan and Budget to better understand the financial impacts of COVID-19 on our communities.

This delay also means that Council rates notices will be issued later than usual – however, residents are encouraged to budget as normal to avoid being caught out later in the financial year.

The South Australian Government has given councils the ability to delay the adoption of their Business Plan to monitor the effects of COVID-19. This means that Council is planning to present its draft Business Plan and Budget for consultation in October 2020 so that it can be adopted in November 2020.

Under legislation, Council rates notices can only be issued once the Business Plan is adopted. Therefore, instead of quarterly notices, the first rates notice is expected to be in December 2020 with the remaining three instalments to be spread evenly between this date and June 2021.

Residents are able to make payments on their Council rates in advance should they wish. This can be done using any of the online payment methods or at Council’s Administration Centre in Ellen Street. These payments will show on the first rates notice.

Change of Address

Ratepayers should always notify in writing any change of postal address.


Rate Enquiries: For further information regarding rates, including payment difficulties, please contact Council's Rates Officer on 8633 9734.


In accordance with the provisions of Section 181 of the Local Government Act a statutory fine of 2% must be added to rates unpaid by the due date. Each month thereafter a further fine of the prescribed percentage must be added. It is therefore in your interest to pay rates as soon as possible.

Recovery of Rates

Where rates are not paid by the applicable due dates, monies owing may be recovered by action in any Court of Competent Jurisdiction or by requiring the occupier to pay the rent to the Council in satisfaction of such rates, or by sale of property where the rates have been due and owing for not less than three years.

Rate Notice by Email


Did you know you can now have your rates notice sent to you by email instead of a printed notice via post?

Receiving your rates notice electronically will make it easier and more convenient for you to manage your accounts, save paper and reduce waste.

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