The Port Pirie Regional Council fosters and facilitates the invaluable contribution volunteers make to our community. Volunteering is an integral part of our society, its culture and its history.

Why Volunteer

Volunteering offers a genuine opportunity to become a valued member of the team; to meet new people and form unique friendships or just be involved in new experiences. People volunteer for many reasons:

  • Contact with other people
  • An opportunity to develop new skills
  • A way to increase confidence and self esteem
  • Take on a new challenge
  • Forming new networks and friends
  • The experience may provide a pathway to employment
  • Just wanting to help 
Facts about Volunteering
  • Volunteering is a about finding a satisfying and rewarding unpaid job that gets you involved in helping Council to initiate, extend and enhance services offered to the local community

  • Volunteering strengthens the links between people living in the local Council district to help make Port Pirie a great place to live

  • Volunteering is about sharing and developing personal skills, providing opportunities to make new friends, promote Port Pirie as a region, assist with exciting events for young people and for future community events that bring people together 

For more information contact the Port Pirie Regional Tourism and Arts Centre on 08 8633 8700 

 Volunteer Registration Form(170 kb)