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New Service Levels for Tree Maintenance

30th July 2020

Council has endorsed a new proactive tree maintenance program following a successful four month trial period.

The Parks and Recreation team identified tree maintenance as an area for improvement as part of Council’s organisation wide focus on finding efficiencies and improving service levels through its Business Improvement Program.

Tree maintenance is one of the highest areas of customer requests that Council receives. Council had been responding to these requests as they arose, effectively zig-zagging across the Council region to perform the requested maintenance.

The new tree maintenance program works on a zone by zone approach. By operating one day in each zone, the tree crew will work in each zone in every four week period, meaning that a general tree trimming customer request should be responded to and completed within four weeks. When there are no customer requests in a specific zone, the tree crew will undertake general tree maintenance such as formative pruning.

By setting this schedule and making it available to the customer services team, an estimated time for completion can be given to the customer when the request is being lodged. The above program applies to non-emergency or routine tree maintenance – any urgent maintenance will be prioritised.

The more coordinated approach to maintaining Council’s street and park trees means staff will be able to map and collect data on the trees including their type, age and condition. This data will be continually updated to improve the knowledge and understanding of the tree assets.