Unsealed Roads

Port Pirie Regional Council manages approximately 1035 kilometres of unsealed roads. These roads are vital for the community and serve a number of users from local traffic, school buses, farming vehicles and machinery.

Read our factsheet on our unsealed road network

You can view the progress of our Unsealed Road Construction and Maintenance Program as it happens by using the live, interactive maps below.

You can read more about our road categories and how we manage our roads on a regional scale by reading our Strategic Asset Management Plan

Road Categories

Read our Road Resheeting Category List

Please note although we intend to achieve the targets of our Strategic Asset Management Plan, this may change due to weather conditions and other factors.

2023/24 Unsealed Road Construction & Maintenance Program

Below is the 2024 table of scheduled work for the renewal and maintenance of unsealed roads. It should be noted that the schedule needs to be viewed with flexibility to ensure that seasonal weather events can be responded to as and when required.

2024 Unsealed Roads Program

Resheeting Program

Resheeting is placing a new top layer on an unsealed road to replace the gravel wearing surface on a road which has aged due to ongoing use and weather.

Clicking on a road segment in the map below will show further information.

Although a high level of data and reporting goes into categorising unsealed roads, a number of factors can contribute to unexpected condition changes. Travelling speed, weat